Volvo to recall 460,769 cars worldwide over air bag rupture fatality

A Volvo badge and a parking-assist camera are displayed on the grille of an automobile in a Volvo Cars AB dealer in Stockholm, Sweden on Thursday, August 19, 2021.
Volvo is recalling 460 769 older Volvo models worldwide because of defective airbags. These could prove fatal in the event that a car crashes.

This happens when the airbag activates due to a crash. According to the company, fragments of the inflator within the airbag may project out and strike you in the worst case, possibly causing serious injury or even death.

According to documents filed with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Volvo was aware of one rupture that caused a fatality.

These vehicles are Volvos of older models. These include the 2001-2006 S80, 2001-2009 S60. These vehicles were manufactured between May 2000 - March 2009.

The U.S. sold more than half of the 259,3838 vehicles.

Volvo stated that the problem can develop over time if the propellant tablets for airbag inflators are exposed to high levels of moisture and inflator temperatures. The tablets may begin to degrade and become dust particles which can increase the device's pressure and "burn rate". These factors can cause the inflators to burst and spray metal fragments at the occupants.

Volvo states that in the event of an accident where the driver's airbag activates, pieces of the inflator may project out and strike you. This could lead to serious injury or even death.

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