Tabletop gaming sale on Amazon’s Deal of the Day

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Amazon calls today's Deal of the Day its Epic Daily Deal. The shoe is fitting, as it contains one of the greatest RPG-in a-box titles of all-time. Gloomhaven is currently on sale at a record-breaking $85, just for today. This is 40% off the usual MSRP of $140. Gloomhaven is a great option for you and your three friends who have always wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons, but couldn't get their friend to do the hard work of gamemaster.

Gloomhaven $85


Gloomhaven: 40% Off Players will open sealed boxes to change the board as they progress through the story. This creates a unique game for each group. Amazon: $85

There are many other lighter titles and more accessible cardboard games on sale. Dragonwood is only $10 if you like simple games that are easy to learn and play in under an hour. Do you love murder mysteries? For $10, you can choose between A Story to Die For and A Pinch of Murder Cold Case games from ThinkFun. Do you prefer something completely unique? For $23, you can grow trees in the beautiful game of Photosynthesis. Play with your family and friends in this amazing game of survival against the elements and exploration. The Gamewrights Forbidden Islands and Forbidden Desert offer great introductions to designer board games for new players. They cost only $14 and $17 respectively.

This one may not need any introduction if you are unfamiliar with some of these titles. Catan was a key figure in the modern era of board and tabletop games. Since its release in 1995, Catan has been a staple of the gaming community and has remained popular and influential throughout the years. Many expansions and spinoffs have been made, as well as many games that draw inspiration from it. Amazon currently has the base game of Catan for $30. The 25th Anniversary Edition costs $52 and there are additional expansions that range from $16-$30.

Catan Board Game $30


Save 46% on this board game classic, which involves players trading and strategizing for resources. Amazon: $30

Catan 25th Anniversary Edition $52


35% Discount The gateway drug for all board game lovers has turned 25. This board game is now available in a larger and more robust box that features new artwork, wooden playing pieces and collector's edition dice. Amazon: $52

There are many excellent board games available, and enough variety to satisfy both modern and classic game lovers. We recommend these other top titles:

Risk: Legacy $44


31% Discount on Risk: Legacy, the board game that changed everything. Each game's outcome will affect how the next game is played. Rules will change, cards may be destroyed and territories will be erased from the map depending on the outcome of each game. Each Risk: Legacy board will become a distinctive hallmark for the group who played it. Amazon: $44

Air, Land and Sea: $10


34% Off A card game that distills the grandeur of the 2nd World War into 18 cards, Air, Land and Sea rewards smart bluffs and clever guile, with a hint of Axis. Allies Amazon: $10

Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game $25


50% Discount on Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game. This game allows you to perform the most interesting aspects of police work without a badge or gun. Detective can be played alone or with up 5 players. It rewards your ability to deduce and race against the clock to find the right leads. The companion app, which is colorful and easy to use, makes this a great experience. Amazon $25