Lewis Hamilton launches scheme to recruit black teachers in STEM subjects

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Hamilton is seven-time F1 world champion

Lewis Hamilton has launched a program to increase the number of black teachers in STEM subjects.

The Hamilton Commission report external link addressing lack of diversity in UK motorsport led to the creation of the project.

Hamilton stated that the scheme "focuses primarily on identifying the best ways to attract black talent into STEM teaching roles".

It is the hope of Formula 1's world champion that it will "create an environment where education can be implemented by the wider industry".

In partnership with Teach First Education Charity, the initial programme will run for two years and test a variety of new methods to identify best practices in recruiting black STEM teachers.

It will support 150 black STEM teachers in schools in disadvantaged areas of England by supporting their recruitment and training.

Hamilton, a seven-time British world champion, said that the move was "another step towards addressing barriers to young black students engaging with STEM as identified by the Hamilton Commission report".

He said, "We know that representation and role models are essential across all aspects society, but particularly when it comes down to supporting young people’s development."

Hamilton's Mission 44 program announced the partnership for the first time. It was established earlier in the year to "support young people from under-served areas"

The Hamilton Commission published its findings earlier this year. It found that only 2% teachers come from African backgrounds, and that 46% schools in England do not have any racially diverse teachers.

According to the data, 1.1% of teachers were black Africans, while 2.1% are working-age people. The commission discovered that 78.5% are white British, with 85.7% of teachers being in that group.

It was found that STEM teachers from black backgrounds were crucial to engaging young black students in these subjects.

Hamilton stated that he did not have any black teachers throughout his education, and that if Hamilton had had a teacher who understood his history better, he could have had greater success in school.