San Francisco 49ers say QB Jimmy Garoppolo, OT Trent Williams have chance to play Sunday

SANTA CLARA (Calif.) -- Kyle Shanahan, San Francisco 49ers' coach, has long since learned to not believe the stories he tells on game days, regardless of whether they are good or bad.
Shanahan likes to wait until further tests are performed the next day. That is why Monday's news that left tackle Trent Williams' right shoulder and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo’s right calf were not going to be long-term injuries allowed him to breathe a sigh of relief.

Shanahan says Garoppolo will be evaluated this week and Williams could play Sunday against Arizona Cardinals.

Shanahan stated that at least we know it's not something too serious and will not be long-term, which was possible. "I think Trent, I got a bit better news than Jimmy. But Jimmy, we'll have to wait and see how he reacts in the next two-days. Both of them were certainly better news today than what we felt last night.

A closer look at Garoppolo revealed that he had a bruised leg. It could take some time for the injury to heal, but it might only be a few days. Garoppolo would then be able to face the Cardinals.

Shanahan stated that it does not mean he is out of luck. It wasn't as bad, as we thought. He is still in pain and sore. He'll be able to come in Wednesday if his condition is improving. It will likely take a while longer if it doesn't improve by Wednesday.

Williams was thrilled with the news. Shanahan wasn't clear about the exact nature of the shoulder injury, but he did tell Williams that there was fluid in his shoulder and that it needs to be cleared up. He was positive that Williams would be fine for Arizona.

Shanahan stated, "That was some probably the most important news we received considering what we were concerned about initially." "There's some fluid in there, and stuff, so there are some problems with it. But that's something, hopefully he can recover here before Sunday."

Williams and Garoppolo would be available to play in the Niners next game if Williams or Garoppolo are unable to return to action on Sunday.

Shanahan expressed optimism about both players but did note that Garoppolo was more questionable than Williams. This means that rookie Trey Lance could still get his first NFL start.

Garoppolo stated that he sustained the injury in San Francisco's first offensive series. He also indicated that he believed a Seahawks defender had stepped on Garoppolo's calf. Garoppolo attempted to overcome the injury, and made it to halftime, before Lance took his place.

Lance was 9-of-18 for 2 touchdowns, and ran 7 times for 41 yards at Garoppolo’s stead.

Shanahan admitted Monday that Garoppolo's status is uncertain and that the Niners must begin to build a game plan that even considers Lance starting in Arizona.

Shanahan stated, "Every week you want him to approach it as if he's a starting quarterback." Shanahan said, "This week is the first time he's legally allowed to make the first play." He has to think that way, take the lessons from last night, and be ready to play on Wednesday.

The 49ers will be without kicker Robbie Gould from three to five weeks. Gould was injured in his groin just before the Seattle loss and did not play. As they evaluate whether to place Gould on injured reserve, the 49ers will likely train kickers Tuesday and sign one.

After suffering a calf injury last week against the Seahawks, tight end George Kittle will be practicing this week in a similar manner. Shanahan stated that Kittle will be managed all week as the Niners aim to have him available for the Cardinals.