Trump wore Stephanie Grisham's makeup during a speech in Saudi Arabia because his body man forgot to bring the 'usual arsenal of products': book

Donald Trump gives a speech in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) on May 21, 2017. Bandar Algaloud/Getty Images
According to Stephanie Grisham, Trump wore Stephanie Grisham makeup for a speech in Saudi Arabia in 2017.

Grisham said that Trump was wearing makeup during the "important speech" and it "thrilled her."

Grisham claimed that Trump's orange skin was due to his makeup every day.

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Stephanie Grisham, former White House press secretary, wrote in her memoir that President Donald Trump was wearing Stephanie's makeup at a speech before the Gulf Cooperation Council, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), back in May 2017. This is a glimpse into the ex-reality TV star's commitment to keeping a certain "look."

Grisham stated that Trump's bodyman John McEntee approached her before the speech and asked "Do you have any makeup?" Grisham, then First Lady Melania Trump's press secretary, was later to become the president's communications director and press secretary. This was Trump's first overseas trip as president.

"The president felt he was'shiny', and John didn't have his usual arsenal of products," Grisham wrote. Many pundits commented on Trump's orange-colored skin and assumed there was a tanning room in the White House. It wasn't and I would have known. He made his president look like he was going on TV every morning by applying makeup to his face. He was, in a way,.

Grisham stated that she was not sure how she felt about the president wearing her makeup. She thought the fact that she would use it would be a "no go for our germaphobe President." McEntee told her, "oddly," that it would be okay because she was "good looking," Grisham wrote.

"It was a thrill for me, not going to lie. The president of the United States was wearing mine makeup during one of his most important speeches in the administration," Grisham wrote in the book. "I'll take your questions now: What I saw at the Trump White House."

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Trump claimed that his "orange" complexion was due to energy-efficient lightbulbs in 2019.

Trump stated that "the lightbulb" at the time. People asked: What's the matter with the lightbulb?" I replied: Here's the story. It was there, I thought. We're forced to use the bulb! No. 1. To me, the most important thing is that the light's not good. I am always orange. And so do you! The worst is the light."

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