Dyson’s next robot vacuum cleaner revealed in FCC filings with new design

The last Dysons vacuum cleaner, the bizarrely named 360 Heurist was not released in the USA. This was due to its design being unsuitable for American homes. After filing details about an unannounced product to the FCC, it appears that Dysons is planning to launch a new robotvac in the US. The filing shows a new design with a wider, flatter profile than the predecessors. It also has a bulkier charging base and a more squared-off rear.
The unnamed robotvac is the same striking color as its predecessor and features tank treads and detachable dustbin, much like Dysons' previous ventures into this product type. The device, RB03, also has the Heurists 360 degree camera with LED lighting ring. These LEDs are crucial as they allow the device to navigate in the dark. This is important if your robotvac needs to be cleaned while you're out or asleep.

Dysons' new Hyperdymium motors are also branded on the device. This Dysons brand is for the latest brushless electric motors that Dysons has used in its stick vacuums. You can also remove the inner tubing connecting the bin and the brushes (picture 4). This would be a great upgrade as the 360 Heurist was prone to clog when vacuuming large piles of debris.

Grid View

This product's most notable change is its new shape. Dysons' previous vacuums, 360 Eye and 360 Heurist were taller and narrower that rival products made by iRobot. They can get around furniture better, such as chair legs, and they are able to corner tighter. Although it is difficult to determine the exact dimensions of the new product (despite the inclusions of rulers in photos, the perspective can be confusing), it seems to be wider than the Eye or Heurist. This would be in line with Dysons previous comments that the Heurist wasn't right for American homes. The vacuum could be used to lift more furniture pieces, which would increase sales.

Although there is no guarantee that the product will be available in the US, Dysons filing with FCC clearly indicates that they are pursuing this goal. We will be hearing more about this product in future.