Woot(ish): British Airways A380 Returning To Service!

Airbus A380 is a great airline. I am a huge fan of the A380 and it thrills me when more airlines announce plans to return the whale jet after the pandemic. This one I am not so sure about.
British Airways A380 will fly starting November 2021

British Airways grounded 12 Airbus A380s shortly after the outbreak. British Airways has now announced plans to bring back five Airbus A380s within the next few weeks. However, as with everything these days, this is subject to change.

British Airways will start crew familiarization using the A380 by flying it temporarily on short-haul flights starting November 8, 2021

In the morning, travel from London to Frankfurt (FRA).

In the afternoons, London to Madrid (MAD).

After several weeks of flying these routes, the A380 will return to long-haul routes.

British Airways will fly the A380 to Miami (MIA), starting December 3, 2021

British Airways will fly the A380 to Dubai (DXB), starting December 5, 2021

British Airways will fly the A380 from London (DFW) starting December 7, 2021

British Airways will fly the A380 from London to Los Angeles (LAX), starting December 9, 2021

British Airways A380 takes off

This means that by December, there will be five Airbus A380s operating on four routes. British Airways is thrilled by this development. You can see that three of the four long-haul routes will go to the United States. This clearly shows that the United States plans to allow travelers who have been vaccinated from all over the globe to fly to their country.

British Airways is not the only airline that plans to return the A380 into service soon. Qatar Airways plans to return Airbus A380s to service by the end of this year due 13 Airbus A350s being grounded.

Qatar Airways will also be bringing back A380s

Why am I not as excited?

As I mentioned, I am a big fan of the Airbus A380 and love it when they return to service after being grounded so long. British Airways is a different story.

British Airways A380s do not have any special amenities such as bars, lounges, or showers. This is in contrast to A380s owned by other airlines.

British Airways' new Club Suites business-class product is now available on all A350s and selected 777s and 787s. These seats are a significant improvement on the A380's old business class seat.

British Airways A380s have first class but it is not much to be excited about, especially when compared to the new business Class

Economy class passengers are the true winners, and the A380 provides a superior experience in economy class.

British Airways A350 Club Suites business Class

British Airways A380 Club World business class

Bottom line

British Airways will return five Airbus A380s to service within the next few months. The planes will be available for crew familiarization flights to Frankfurt and Madrid in November, then to Miami, Dubai and Dallas in December.

I'm still not sold on the A380 but it is hard to be excited about British Airways A380s.

What do you think of the British Airways A380 returning in service?

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