Apple makes it easier to report bad apps and scams

According to The Verge, Apple has made it easier for users to report suspicious behavior after reports revealed that scammers were running top-rated App Store apps. The latest iOS 15 App Store update allows you to "report fraud or scam" and you can do so for free, both in-app purchases (IAP) as well as paid apps.
Richard Mazkewich and Kosta Eleftheriou on Twitter described the feature. It goes further than the "Report a Problem” feature. Now you can report a scam or fraud, not only Report suspicious activity, Report quality issues," Request a refund or Search my content. You used to have to make an in app purchase before you could report a fraud or scam. But that is no longer the case.

The Verge reported that the "Report a Problem" feature returned to individual app listings, for the first time since years. It was previously located at the bottom, under the Apps or Games tabs. This would take you to a separate website.

Apple had already foreshadowed these changes by publishing new App Store Review Guidelines in June. TechCrunch reported that several sections contained changes that Apple took a more aggressive stance against fraud, scams, and developer misconduct.

The Washington Post earlier this year revealed that the Store contained bad apps such as VPNs that tricked customers into purchasing unneeded software, dating apps that were not suitable for them, and QR readers. There was also a number of apps that claimed to be affiliated with major brands. According to estimates by the Post, users may have been deceived out of $48 million.