Amazon lets Prime members send gifts with only an email address or phone number

Amazon Prime members can now send gifts to their friends via the Amazon Shopping app using only their phone number or email address, even if they don’t know their street address. The company announced that the new feature will make it easier to send, receive, and exchange gifts for gift cards.
According to Amazon, all you need to do is browse the "millions" of products available on Amazon's Shopping app. After you have selected the product you want to gift, you can click "Add a Gift Receipt for Easy Returns" and proceed to checkout. Another option is to let the recipient enter their address. You can enter the recipient's email address or mobile number to complete the transaction.

After the gift message has been sent, recipients will receive an email or text message with a gift message. They can then choose to accept or decline the gift and provide their preferred delivery address. They can also exchange the gift for a gift certificate and use it to buy something else, provided they are not happy with the choice.

This feature requires that the gift recipient also has an Amazon account. It is similar to Venmo and PayPal's Mobile Cash apps, which require both the sender or receiver to have an Amazon account. Amazon's app has the advantage of allowing you to personalize gifts even if there is a pandemic. Amazon Shopping US has the new feature available today, October 4th. Let us know how it goes in the comments.