Tom Brady: Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback breaks NFL record in win at New England Patriots

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Brady has won seven Super Bowl championships

After helping the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win 19-17 against his former team, the New England Patriots, Tom Brady was the NFL's most prolific passer.

Drew Brees set the milestone of 80,358 yards for the quarterback at 44 years old. He got 68 yards from the quarterback.

Brady completed 22 out of 43 passes, gaining 269 yards.

Late drama was evident as New England nearly took the lead. With 55 seconds remaining, Nick Folk's 56 yard field goal was able to return the ball off the post.

Brady was a key player in six Super Bowl victories for the Patriots. He was also returning to Tampa, where he led the team to victory in February.

The Patriots honored Brady with a short video that included his highlights from the game.

After the match at Foxborough, he stated that he was not crying. "I've been through everything. It was my home for twenty years. It is a place where I can cherish the most wonderful memories."

Brady did not throw any interceptions and has now accumulated 80,560 passing yards.

Brady said, "I can throw a bit and I'm glad I have some great guys to catch it."

It's pretty cool. Without amazing team-mates, nothing in this sport is possible. For 22 years, the guys did an amazing job of catching the ball."