Sinema Stalls: Constituents confront senator in Arizona State University bathroom over Build Back Better agenda and immigration

Arizona State University employs Sen. Kyrsten Sinema as a lecturer. Protesters confronted her.
Protesters followed Sinema to a campus bathroom and listed their demands at one point.

Another protest was held Saturday night at a Sinema fundraiser in Phoenix.

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Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), has repeatedly been confronted by constituents after she left Washington DC amid tense budget negotiations. They want her to stop blocking the Biden Build back Better agenda and to adopt immigration reform.

Sinema was confronted by constituents, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients (DACA) and members of the grassroots nonprofit Living United for Change in Arizona on Sunday. Sinema is a lecturer at the University of Arizona's School of Social Work.

A group of people followed her into the toilet at one point and listed their demands while she was in a stall. This video was tweeted by the group.

Blanca, a young undocumented immigrant from Mexico, told Sinema that she arrived in the US as a child when she was 3 years old. She said she has not been able to visit her grandfather in Mexico since he was deported in 2010. According to a video posted by the group, Blanca died two weeks ago because she doesn't have a pathway to citizenship.

Sinema was silent throughout the encounter.

"We knocked on doors to get you elected. Blanca stated that we could get you out of office, just like we got you elected.

LUCHA organized a protest outside Royal Palms Resort & Spa in Phoenix, where Sinema was meeting corporate fundraisers to organize a "retreat", according to The New York Times.