Authorities: Body of missing Florida college student found

MIAMI (AP), Authorities have located the body of a Florida college student that disappeared a week earlier. The prime suspect is a maintenance worker who broke into her apartment unauthorized the day she disappeared, and then later committed suicide.
Orange County Sheriff John Mina stated Saturday that authorities discovered Miya Marcanos' body in a wooded area close to an apartment building. According to authorities, the 19-year old disappeared on the same day that a maintenance worker used an inadvertent master key to her apartment. After she missed her flight from South Florida to return home on Sept. 24, her family reported her missing.

Marcano's body was discovered three days after Marcano last saw him.

Caballero had repeatedly rejected Marcano's romantic advances. After the Valencia College student had been reported missing, detectives spoke with Caballero but did not have any evidence to detain him. After learning that he had broken into her apartment, they obtained a warrant to arrest him. The body of the victim was found in a garage.

Sheriff Mina stated that cell phone records from Caballero led them directly to the apartment complex close to Marcano's body. He was there for approximately 20 minutes on the night Marcano was reported missing. Caballero lived in the same apartment complex at one time.

He said that nothing in his records indicates that he had ever been back there before he committed suicide. Deputies aren't looking for other suspects.

The FBI and Florida Department of Law Enforcement were just two of the many authorities that searched for Marcano. Friends and family organized a prayer vigil, distributed flyers and handed out flyers to try and find Marcano.

We cannot yet identify the cause of Marcanos' death. Mina stated this during Saturday's news conference.

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Mina claims that Mina notified her parents only hours ago and added, "Our hearts are broken."

He said that everyone wanted the outcome to be different. We are all grieving for Miya as sheriffs and fathers.

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Caballero had one previous arrest for using a destructive instrument resulting in property destruction and discharging an weapon on school property.

According to an arrest report, Polk County sheriffs were called to Warner University campus after receiving a report that a bomb had been set off in a dormitory. It was a mixture of toilet cleaner and plastic drinks bottles that caused the explosive to explode. According to the report, Caballero admitted that he used the improvised explosive in a joke on the residents of the dorm. Nobody was hurt.

Arden Villa, the apartment complex where Marcano was employed, issued a statement stating that all applicants have been vetted by a national background service provider and that no criminal or sexual assault records were found in relation to Caballero.