13 'SNL' sketches that were so hysterical they caused cast members and hosts to break character

Tiffany Haddish and Adele broke character on "SNL." NBC/YouTube
The cast and hosts of Saturday Night Live play many roles in the comedy sketch series.

Although they rarely break character, it is possible to make the show more contagious.

Below are 13 times that "SNL" cast members have had to laugh.

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No matter how long cast members have been with "Saturday Night Live" or how many rehearsals they've had, there is no way to control what happens live on television.

Although many of the "SNL" celebrities and stars are skilled at keeping their cool during absurd sketches, there are still some who slip up and fall off-script.

These 13 hilarious moments from "SNL" made cast members and hosts laugh.

Kate McKinnon broke down during a segment called "Weekend Update" and stated that she was 'obviously' not OK.

McKinnon was "Dr. Wayne Wenowdis" after President Donald Trump tested positive in 2020 for COVID-19. McKinnon wore a gray wig and white coat along with a tie on a "Weekend update" segment with Colin Jost.

Trump's diagnosis was discussed by the cast member of "SNL", who laughed as she squeezed the machine.

McKinnon was eventually asked by the head writer if she was okay. She replied, "Obviously, but I'm not."

She then dropped Wenowdis’ voice and addressed the audience directly.

McKinnon stated, "It's such an insane time and this is what I started doing to cope." "I have many wigs and mustaches, so it's refreshing that I can play someone who 'knows this.'

Aidy Bryant was unable to control her laughter during a sketch about politics because of an on-set mishap

While hosting a 2019 political talk show called Inside the Beltway, the "SNL" cast member was not supposed to make the audience laugh.

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She lost her composure as they flashed back at a clip from a previous sketch in which a crew member had entered the stage incorrectly during a live sketch.

Bryant later called it "the worst break of my life" on an episode "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

She stated that Cecily Strong and Kenan Thomson knew she was struggling with the closing line during rehearsals. This only made them laugh more.

Adele struggled to keep her cool during a sketch about 'Tourism Board of Africa.

The "Rolling in the Deep” singer claimed to be divorcing while raving about her time in Africa during her 2020 "SNL" hosting debut.

McKinnon, Heidi Gardner and Adele were flanked by them, and they both stayed in character throughout the sketch. Adele broke into laughter and gushed about the "tribesmen", and the "lush and dangling leaves."

It was funny to see the singer slap his lips throughout the scene. However, many people criticised the writers of "SNL" for "fetishizing African men in the sketch.

Rachel Dratch played the role of 'Debbie Downer,' causing laughter to fill the entire table

Debbie Downer (Dratch), a "SNL" character, was known for her unfortunate habit of raising depressing topics in inappropriate settings. Debbie joined her family for a Disney World trip in a sketch she did in 2004.

Debby shared her sadness about topics like train explosions, mad cow disease, infertility, and host Lindsay Lohan's relatives, who were played by Jimmy Fallon and Amy Poehler.

Dratch's witty delivery caused everyone to break, even her.

Vanessa Bayer couldn’t help but giggle during a sketch called "New Girlfriend"

Michael (Jason Sudeikis), introduced Regine (Armisen), his snobby girlfriend, to his friends. He made everyone uncomfortable by touching her constantly.

Bayer, who is a very good actor, was able to play one of Michael's close friends at the event. She tried unsuccessfully to suppress her laughter at the absurd antics of Sudeikis and Armisen during the middle part of the sketch.

Bill Hader was made to lose his character by Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and the 'SNL' duo Kristen Wiig.

Hader was the host of Super Showcase 2012 on SNL and guided Bayer through the game. Rudolph and Wiig were the models who presented the prizes that the contestant didn’t win.

Both Wiig and Hader were unable to keep their characters straight as the comedy duo promoted the goods, which included luggage and golf clubs and a lifetime supply frozen chicken.

Hader also lost his composure in a sketch with Wiig titled 'The Californians'

The sketch for 2012 was part of a recurring soap-opera-style saga that made fun of Californians' obsession with driving directions.

Stuart (Armisen), who is walking in on Karina (Wiig), with Devin (Hader), tells him to "get right back on San Vicente and take it to 10, then switch to the 405 North and let it dump it into Mulholland, where it belongs."

Wiig kept a straight smile, but Hader couldn't suppress his laughter.

Ryan Gosling had his mouth covered during a sketch on alien abduction

McKinnon and Gosling hosted "SNL" in 2015. They played three "small-town buddies" who recently returned from an alien abduction. Two National Security Agency officers asked the trio a series of questions.

Strong called her interaction extraterrestrial beings beautiful, and Gosling echoed these sentiments, commenting that it was "amazing."

McKinnon said that it was "a little bit different" for her.

Gosling laughed as the "SNL” cast member described peeing inside a metal bowl, and then having her "knockers batted" by an alien line.

McKinnon didn't say that McKinnon's abduction was not her worst Wednesday night. It wasn't until McKinnon that McKinnon's body began to shake with laughter.

Larry David struggled to recite his lines towards the end of a sketch entitled 'New Wife'

Comedy comedian Curb Your Enthusiasm is not afraid to be in funny situations. It's rare for him to break character.

During hosting "SNL", however, he did lose his composure.

David pretended to pretend to be Vincent, who was introducing his friends McKinnon and Beck Bennett to his wife, a performer played strongly.

McKinnon asked David if everything was okay, and he began to laugh as he tried to get through the remainder of the dialogue.

Tiffany Haddish was able to take control of her instincts after one of the cats set acted up.

Haddish, the host of "SNL," joined McKinnon for a sketch called Whiskers R We. It focused on a Fall Cat Giveaway. They were characters named Claudia or Barbara, respectively.

Haddish and the kittens were unable to contain their laughter at first.

McKinnon then lifted a hairless cat in the middle and said that people wouldn't need to worry about it.

Haddish made a joke about the feline's "shaved everything off" for a gay circuit party, and the animal attacked her.

Instinctively, the host raised his fist towards the cat and then turned toward the camera, frowning at those around him.

The four main characters of 'The Love-ahs’ were broken by all four actors

One of the most experienced "SNL” comedians was tested by a 2001 sketch called "The Love-ahs".

The scene was set in the hot tub at the Welshly Arms Hotel and focuses on Roger (Will Ferrell), and Virginia Klarvin(Dratch), a couple who are deeply in love.

They had a great conversation with Dave (Jimmy Fallon), and attempted to get him together with Barbara (Drew Barrymore).

Roger and Virginia shared their sexual adventures, and all four actors fell for their laughter.

Dave Chappelle had to pause while Pete Davidson laughed during a sketch

Numerous comedians tried to suppress their laughter in a sketch about Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemima and Count Chocula, who were defending their jobs.

The segment started when Alec Baldwin fired Aunt Jemima, Maya Rudolph, who responded, "But... I'm Aunt Jemima!" Rudolph took a moment to regroup in the midst of the enthusiastic responses.

Rudolph's Jemima suggested to Rudolph that they also fire Uncle Ben (Kenan Thomson). She told Rudolph that she was going to go down if he didn't come with her.

The evening's host, Chappelle, turns the attention to the "Allstate guy", who he plays. As he tried to defend his job, he slammed on the desk and had to turn his back to the camera.

Chappelle's "Allstate guy” called out Count Chocula, (Davidson), for not keeping his job. This prompted Davidson to spit his fangs out and quickly shove the mouthpiece in.

Julia Sweeney claimed that the cameraperson had her cut out of a sketch due to her excessive laughter

Sweeney and Phil Hartman portrayed parents who hire a motivational speaker in order to persuade their children to stop using drugs in "Matt Foley, Van Down By The River," a 1993 sketch on "SNL."

The frame changed between Sweeney, Hartman, and the two children, played by Christina Applegate and David Spade, as Matt Foley (Chris Farley) began his passionate monologue. The camera chose to ignore Sweeney in certain parts of this sketch.

They had to get around me laughing so they had to cut me off. It was almost like I had the best seat for the most funny friggin' thing on the planet," she stated during a panel of "Women of 'SNL'." Entertainment Weekly reports that Pade also laughed, but was mad at her.

Sweeney said, "They had camera angles changed and that's horrible." It is horrible. It makes me feel terrible."

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