Baltimore Ravens gun for 'meaningful' rushing record in lieu of ending game with QB kneel

With only three seconds left, the Ravens lead by 16 points. They decide to stop kneeling and continue their streak of consecutive games with 100 rush yards to 43. (0:30).
DENVER -- How the Baltimore Ravens matched NFL history might be an NFL record.

The Ravens had three seconds remaining in Sunday's match against the Broncos. They decided to not take a knee and run out the clock, instead choosing to tie an NFL record of 44 years. Coach John Harbaugh declared it "100% my call" for Lamar Jackson to run 5 yard, and Baltimore was able to run its 43rd consecutive game of 100-yard rushing.

Harbaugh stated, "It's one the things that's meaningful." It's a difficult record to achieve. It's a long-term goal. It's not more important than winning the match, but I won't deny it. It is not. It's not. However, as a coach, you should do the same for your players.

The Elias Sports Bureau couldn't confirm if a team gained yards from a play that started in the final five second of a game that was leading by at least 10 point. Elias did locate a play in 1992 when Spencer Tillman ran 1 yard with 2 seconds remaining when his Houston Oilers led San Diego Chargers 27,0.

It looked like Sunday's Ravens defeat would be one-game short of tieing the Steelers. The Steelers produced 43 consecutive 100 yard games between 1974 and 1977, when running back Franco Harris was running back. The Ravens got one more play when Anthony Averett, a Baltimore cornerback, intercepted Drew Lock, the Broncos' quarterback in the end zone.

Baltimore had 97 yards of rushing and Jackson ran a quarterback keeper to the right side to extend that streak.

Jackson claimed that he did not know Harbaugh's thoughts because the victory was already sealed.

"I won't lie. Jackson stated that Jackson doesn't care much about the record. Jackson said, "I wasn’t thinking about that. "I was thinking about winning the match."

The Ravens' final play was not discussed with the Broncos.

Jackson's debut game as their starting quarterback, Nov. 18, 2018, was the Ravens' first 100-yard rush game. At five games, the Cleveland Browns hold the record for longest 100-yard streak.

Marquise Brown, Ravens wide receiver, stated that it was important to be in the record books. It's wonderful to do that."