Former Boston Ballet star and her dance instructor husband worked together to rape and control young dancers, lawsuit alleges

Dusty Button leaps into the air while Boston Ballet company members practice for "Le Corsaire" in Boston, Aug. 31, 2016. John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images
Mitchell Taylor Button and Dusty Button, former top ballerinas, are accused of abuses against former dance students.

According to a federal lawsuit, the couple "exploited" their position of power in the dance industry.

Dusty Button is alleged to have recorded her husband raping minor in one instance.

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According to a federal lawsuit, a former star ballerina is accused of raping, and abusing young dancers. Many of them claim they have been mistreated for years.

Court papers reveal that Dusty Button was the Boston Ballet's former principal dancer and that Mitchell Taylor Button was a former dance instructor. They allegedly groomed young dancers over many years and in several states.

The complaint states that the couple "exploited" their position of power in the dance industry to abuse and control several dancers, including minors, starting in 2007. The complaint alleges that several plaintiffs claimed the Buttons, as they were referred to in it, collaborated to conduct a "campaign for harassment and abuse."

Jane Doe 100, the plaintiff, claims that she was invited by her parents to their apartment. They made her drink alcohol until she fell ill. Dusty Button, allegedly holding a gun in Jane 100's hand, restrained her and raped it, according to film.

Sage Humphries, a former dance student, claims she was repeatedly raped in their apartment by the couple. Court documents reveal that there were an arsenal of guns on the wall. Humphries claims that the Buttons controlled her social networks, prevented her from talking to her family and encouraged her to dress up as Dusty. Humphries eventually had to move in with them.

They are also accused of forcing their students to secrecy and vowing to hurt their dance careers. One occasion they threatened to slit the throats and kill a minor's boyfriend and father.

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These shocking allegations are based on an amended complaint filed September 27. It names Dusty Button as defendant. An original complaint from July had only listed her as a "non party co-conspirator".

Mitchell Taylor Button was also accused in the previous complaint of sexually assaulting 2 minors (both students) between 2007-2010.

Court documents reveal that the couple are accused of federal sexual trafficking and forced labor violations. Mitchell Taylor Button is also charged with assault, battery and false imprisonment.

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