Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Tom Brady greeted with Patriots tribute video, 'Brady' cheers, embraces in New England return

FOXBOROUGH (Mass.) The New England Patriots presented Tom Brady with a short video that highlighted his highlights. This prompted the wet crowd to shout his name before the star quarterback led Tampa Bay Buccaneers onto Gillette Stadium's field for Sunday night.
Cheers to Brady! Brady! Brady! The stadium was then full.

The warmups began shortly before 7:30 PM. Brady was first on the field. Many of the early fans, many wearing Brady jerseys, erupted in a Super Bowl-like atmosphere. Brady ran the entire length of the field, skipping, and then pumped his right fist to get to the other end.

This was something Brady did during his time with the Patriots. However, this time his jog was in an opposite direction. He started at the visitors tunnel.

Brady hugged Josh McDaniels, Patriots offensive coordinator, as he ran to the Buccaneers sideline. The crowd cheered "Brady!" Brady! As he started to get warm,

Soon thereafter, Mac Jones, a rookie Patriots quarterback, took to the field to thunderous applause -- an unusual scene in which both quarterbacks were cheered.

Brady used to visit the field for Patriots games on the road when he was playing. After arriving at the team bus around 5 p.m., Brady did not visit the field on Sunday. ET instead went straight to the visitors' locker and stayed there until warm ups.

Robert Kraft, Patriots owner, met Brady three hours before kickoff in the tunnel just outside the Buccaneers locker room. They shared a few minutes of conversation and embraced.

Tim O'Toole of Kennebunk (Maine), who wore a Brady jersey that was half-Patriots and half-Buccaneers, reflected the split allegiances.

Tim O'Toole is from Kennebunk, Maine, via Wrentham, Mass. He is here with his family wearing a jersey that represents both of his dual affiliations. pic.twitter.com/lDOq944tbd Mike Reiss (@MikeReiss) October 3, 2021

Randy Moss, an ESPN NFL analyst, said that this aspect of the matchup was intriguing to him.

"For the historical events that Tom made in Foxborough it will be very emotional for many fans. Are you a Patriot or Brady fan? Moss stated, "I think that's the one thing you're going figure out."

"I believe there is a difference. For four quarters, the Tom Brady fans will be cheering on him. Patriot fans will give Tom their respect and honor, and then it's all about, "Let's get loud and win this game!" Gillette Stadium was always Patriots Stadium, but the greatest quarterback ever is returning home. It's exciting to see what kind of stadium it will be.

After the game began and Brady was on the field, there were boos.

Brady was supported by other fans who brought their support. At one point, a Buccaneers flag was displayed in the end zone.

Brady felt the evening had a very family-like feel. Brady's wife Gisele Bundchen was there as well as their children. Brady's parents traveled from New York to Foxborough for this game.