Boston Dynamics' robodog Spot did a little halftime dance for NCAA fans on Saturday

Spot, the robot-dog developed by Boston Dynamics, may have reached its peak when it performed with BTS. It's still quite entertaining.
Spot was at the University of Missouri's Faurot field on Saturday, as college football's Ole Miss Rebels took on the Alabama Crimson Tide. Spot was able to perform its dance moves in public with the Rebels' cheerleading squad during halftime.

You know what? Spot is a skilled dancer.

Spot's sweet choreography may have been created by the College of Engineering team. Twitter account Mizzou Engineering shared the clip and offered some glimpses at the build-up to the event.

One day, Spot and other robot overlords may make us all their subjects. This machine, which looks a lot like a dog, is equipped with only graceful dance moves and the kind of endearing qualities humans will find charming.