Trump says he'd 'beat' DeSantis if they faced off for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination

Trump says he'd beat Florida Gov. According to a Yahoo interview, Ron DeSantis won the GOP presidential primary.
Trump stated to the outlet, "If I faced him I'd beat him as I would beat every other."

Although the former president had been hinting at a bid for 2024 for several months, he has yet to make a decision.

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In an interview excerpt, Donald Trump stated that if he were to run in the 2024 GOP presidential primaries, he would beat Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis could be in a matchup.

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, which is due to be published Monday, the former President stated that he does not expect to face DeSantis and that many Republicans would "drop out" if DeSantis entered the race.

Trump stated to the outlet, "If I faced him I'd beat him as I would beat every other."

Former congressman, DeSantis was elected Florida's governor narrowly in 2018. He is up for reelection next season and has been high in GOP wish lists as a possible successor to Trump in the event that he dies.

Trump, who lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden, has been hinting at a 2024 campaign for months but has yet to make a decision.

The former president spoke with Yahoo and expressed confidence that he would win the nomination, proving his loyalty to GOP voters.

He said that if he does run, he believes that he'll do exceptionally well, pointing out the conservative voter enthusiasm.

Trump's ally, DeSantis said last week to Fox News host Sean Hannity that he wasn’t thinking about a 2024 campaign, because he was too busy with affairs in Florida. This highlighted his fight against critical race theory.

Critical race theorists examine how America's racist history continues to be reflected in laws and policies today.

DeSantis and others have criticized the discipline, claiming that its teachings are divisive.

"I don't think anything other than doing my job. "We got a lot going on in Florida," said the governor on Fox News.

He said, "We are also working to address many other issues in the state than the governor's race." We got school board races. I don't want people to support critical race theory. I want parents to have the freedom to send their child to school as they wish.

Echelon Insights conducted a poll of Republicans and found that DeSantis would be leading former Vice President Mike Pence by 22%-15% in a Trump-free primary. Other potential candidates include Sen Ted Cruz of Texas, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and possibly others in the single digits.

The same poll found that 30% of Republican respondents desired Trump to run unopposed in 2024, 39% of party members wanted Trump to run alongside other candidates, and 22% of GOP respondents believed Trump should give up a campaign.