Stephanie Grisham was irritated by Hope Hicks and accuses her of taking 'the easy way out' after leaving the Trump White House for Fox: book

Former White House communications director Hope Hicks (at right). Carolyn Kaster/AP
Stephanie Grisham did not like Hope Hicks who was a close aide of former President Donald Trump.

The former White House press secretary stated in her memoir that Hicks had "taken the easy route" to get a job at Fox.

Hicks resigned from the White House in March 2018, but he rejoined the administration in February 2020.

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Former White House communications director Hope Hicks, who was also a favorite of Donald Trump, was an integral part of his presidency. He served as his communications director until he left for Fox. Then, he returned to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Stephanie Grisham, former White House press secretary, was not fond of Hicks as she explains in her forthcoming memoir "I'll Answer Your Questions Now".

Grisham discusses how Hicks, who was initially in the administration from January 2017 until March 2018, was probably "stressed" when explaining the aide's departure in a section of the book which was adapted by Politico.

She was clearly stressed by her job as communications director and did not like the fact she had to testify during the Robert Mueller investigation. (During which she confessed to congressional investigators that, in her words "white lies", she had told for the president). She was also being harassed by the paparazzi regarding her personal life," Grisham wrote.

Grisham explained her distaste for Hicks in a statement. This was especially after Hicks returned to the White House as chief communications officer at Fox in March 2020. CNN reports that Hicks maintained close ties to White House officials while working for Fox.

She had been on a sabbatical at Fox where she held a great title, and was reported to have made nearly $2 million. Her presence did not bother me, but I cannot pretend otherwise. Hope took the easy route out, in my eyes as well as the eyes of those who had to endure the chaos. She wrote that everyone would have liked to find a job in a more secure place for two years, so that they could return to the White House to "save" the administration.

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Hicks was a White House counselor for Trump during her second term. She resigned in January, as Trump's administration was entering its final days.

Grisham further described the White House atmosphere under Trump in unflattering terms in the memoir, calling it "a hot mess"

She wrote that she could think of endless metaphors to describe Trump White House from the perspective of a journalist. "It was hot and chaotic 24/7. I lived in a house on fire, in insane asylums where it was impossible to tell who was the patient or the attendants. It was difficult to imagine how people could do the job without becoming insane.

Grisham, White House press secretary, never held regular briefings. Instead, she preferred to do television interviews with favored media outlets.

After the January 6th insurrection at US Capitol, she resigned as chief of staff and press secretary for Melania Trump.

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