MAGA supporters have raised $2 million for a jailed Marine. But the soldier says he hates how Trump has divided the US.

Here is Lt. Col Stuart Scheller in an official Marine Corps photograph. Marine Corps
Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller is currently in military prison for criticizing the US Government's withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Pro-Trump organizations and individuals have supported Scheller by raising more than $2 million.

Scheller, however, has made it clear that he doesn't support Trump and would rather "rot in prison" than accept his support.

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The MAGA community raised over $2 million to support a Marine officer who was viral for criticizing the US withdrawal in Afghanistan. He said he wanted "to bring the whole fucking systems down" despite being anti-Trump.

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller is currently being held in military prison for violating military law.

The Pipe Hitter Foundation created a fundraising platform to support Scheller after the news was announced.

Former Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher is the Foundation's administrator. He was convicted in 2019 for posing with an ISIS captive's corpse. In November 2020, Trump granted Gallagher clemency.

As of Sunday, the appeal had raised over $2,262,000

David Gilbert wrote in Vice that Scheller was hailed as a hero by right-wing politicians, from the GOP to top QAnon leaders. Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert have supported him, as well as dozens of Republicans led by Rep. Louie Gohmert who signed a petition calling for Scheller to be released.

But Scheller said publicly that he would not accept any assistance from Trump or his followers and would rather "rather be in jail."

He also stated that Trump was responsible for "dividing our nation."

He wrote on his Facebook page: "President Trump. Everyone told me to kiss the ring due to your power and following. I refused. I don't agree with your foreign policy views, but I do not like the way you have divided the country.

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"I don’t need or want your assistance. You don't have the power to bring us together. You might even win the next election. Your generation is out of time. Tell your son to stop tweeting me about it. Your entire family doesn't know anything about US and our sacrifices. You are too much for me."

Scheller's remarks also criticised the Biden administration for its military decisions in Afghanistan. He said, "Follow us, and we'll bring down the whole fucking systems in a constitutional way with one loud voice" on Facebook and LinkedIn at the start of September.

According to Military Times, Scheller was placed in a military prison for non-criminal reasons after he defied orders to cease posting on social media.

While the pro-Trump group is turning a blindside to Scheller's political views, others can't help but be challenged by his comments. One Telegram user stated that Scheller was anti-Flynn, and anti-Trump. Think he's a Judas lamb. According to Vice

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