Brian Laundrie Alleged Sighting on Appalachian Trail, Hiker Claims

Brian Laundrie is still alive and on the loose... according to a Florida man, who claims he met Gabby Petito's fiancée.
Dennis Davis claims that he was on Saturday hiking the Appalachian Trail when he noticed a dazed man walking along a deserted road...right at the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. Davis claims that the man pulled up in his car and asked for directions from California. However, he didn't want to take Interstate. He wanted to use back roads.

Davis claims that Dog the Bounty Hunter was sent audio by one of his daughters. He says it was a match and adds, "There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that I spoke to Brian Laundrie. None whatsoever."... according to the New York Post.

Davis told the Post Laundrie that she was "lost... me and my girlfriend got into a fight, but she called me and said she loved me, and she needed me to travel to California to visit her."

According to him, Laundrie was riding a pickup truck of light color like a Ford F-150 and wearing a bandana.