AirPods Pro drop back down to $179 on Amazon

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Amazon is currently having a massive sale on AirPods, with discounts up to 35% for some models. The AirPods Pro are Apple's most premium-sounding earbuds and are now on sale for $179. This is $70 less than their regular price, and only $10 more that the record-breaking low we saw last holiday season. AirPods with wireless charging cases, which have dropped to $129, are also on sale, as is the standard case for AirPods, which sells for $109. Amazon claims that these are limited-time sales and will not be available again after today.

We thought we would hear more about the new AirPods at Apple's October event, but the tech giant did not announce any new products in this area. These models are all a bit older than the rest, but they still make the best wireless earbuds available if you're part of the Apple ecosystem. AirPods Pro received a score of 87 for their superior sound quality, improved fitting design with IPX4 resistance, and convenient features such as hands-free Siri accessibility. These are far and away the most impressive Apple earbuds. They also block out outside noises well with Transparency Mode and active noise cancellation.

Regular AirPods will be more popular for people who are used to the EarPods that came with every new iPhone. They are well-made and have a good sound quality. The best thing about any pair of AirPods is the quick pairing and switching between Apple devices. They can recognize the device you are currently using and switch to it. This allows you to go from making a call on your iPhone to listening music from your Mac.

The AirPods Pro are not the only thing Amazon is selling. However, they have been hovering around $159 for months. They were last seen at this record $129 low in August. This means that you only have to pay $20 more for the wireless charging case. That's a great deal.

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