3rd victim dies after angry co-worker's rampage

DAVENPORT (Fla.) - Authorities have confirmed that a third victim died in a violent attack by an electrician who used a knife to kill three of his coworkers and injured another one at their Florida home.
According to Polk County Sheriff's officers, Shaun Runyon, an electrician, got into an argument with his supervisor on Friday and punched the man before fleeing from the job site. He was living in Davenport with his coworkers on Saturday when he returned to the home and beat one victim to death, killed another on the front porch, and chased another victim into town, Sheriff Grady Judd stated.

The fourth victim sustained serious injuries and died later at the hospital. Unharmed, another man, his wife and their 7 year old daughter managed to escape. Authorities have not released the names of the victims.

Runyon, seven of his co-workers, and their families, were staying at the house rented by J & B Electric, Inc. in Pennsylvania.

Although it's not clear what caused Friday's fight between Runyon, 39, and his supervisor on Friday night, Sheriff Judd stated that Runyon confessed.

He was charged with three counts first degree murder, and one count of battery aggrieved. It wasn't immediately clear whether he retained a lawyer for comment.

Runyon fled the house, but he returned to his home hours later, dressed in bloody clothes, and telling the couple that he had been raped.

Judd stated that the man left his bloody clothes behind at the home when they encouraged him to go to hospital. He was later taken into custody.