Fauci Says Immigrants Are ‘Absolutely Not’ Driving Covid-19 Surge: ‘Let’s Face Reality Here’

Dr. Anthony Fauci dismissed the belief among Republicans and unvaccinated that immigrants are to be blamed for U.S.'s Covid-19 transmission. According to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll, Sunday's issue is in our country and not due to tourists or immigrants bringing the coronavirus virus from other countries.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is a witness before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. Getty Images

The Key Facts

Fauci was interviewed on CNN Sunday by a CNN medical advisor about the KFF poll. He said that he believes immigrants are the main reason Covid-19 spreads in the U.S. Republicans ranked immigration as the most important factor in Covid-19 transmission. It was second among unvaccinated respondents, which is why scientists believe vaccines are not as effective in preventing its spread (58% agreed). Fauci was also asked about Title 42. This controversial law is being used to expel immigrants as a Covid-19 medical measure. He said that while he did not know enough about the policy to comment on it, his feeling was that focusing only on immigrants and expelling them...isn't the answer to an outbreak.

Important Quote

If 700,000 Americans are dead and millions, millions, and billions of Americans get infected, it is difficult to look beyond the country. Fauci stated that the problem lies within our country. Yes, immigrants can be infected but that is not what causes it. Let's face the facts.

Surprising Fact

KFF poll results showed that 77% of respondents who were vaccinated believed high cases are due to people refusing vaccines. Only 12% of those not vaccinated blamed themselves for the increase. The perception that vaccines are not effective by immigrants (which is supported by studies), was not the only factor. Unvaccinated respondents were more likely to blame people for not taking social distancing precautions and the infectious nature and Covid-19 restrictions being lifted too quickly, as well as the unvaccinated spreading Covid-19, than people like them.

Important Background

Republicans blame immigrants for the U.S. Covid-19 increase, rather than other issues such as a lack of mandates for masks or lower vaccination rates. Texas Governor. Greg Abbott and Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis frequently cites the southern border as a reason for recent outbreaks in their respective states. In July, Abbott issued an executive order restricting ground transport of migrants into Texas due to the Covid-19 risk. DeSantis blamed Joe Biden for leaving the southern border open for the possibility of the coronavirus. Fauci is following other medical experts who criticize those arguments. He claims that Republicans are making a scapegoat for blaming immigrants and not imposing Covid-19 mitigation measures such as mask mandates. Is it a pandemic among migrants? It's not a pandemic for migrants, according to Dr. Ivn Malndez, the Hidalgo County health authority, Texas. He said this at a press conference held in August. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have maintained Title 42 in force despite the Trump administration's initial use of the policy to justify exiling migrants during the Covid-19 epidemic. However, the Biden administration made an exception for minors who were unaccompanied. Title 42, which allows the federal government prohibit entry to the U.S. in cases of public health emergency, has been used by Biden's administration to expel thousands upon migrants. While Title 42 has been challenged in court proceedings, the White House has maintained Title 42. An appeals court recently issued a stay Thursday which allows the policy to remain in effect while litigation proceeds.


Fauci also criticised Sunday's suggestion that antiviral drugs to treat Covid-19 could be used to justify people not being vaccinated. He said on ABC it was a false narrative to suggest that people shouldn't get vaccinated if the pill can prevent serious illness. Fauci stated that it is possible to avoid getting infected and stay out of hospital without dying.

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