Four-way wild card tie still very much a possibility

This is what Major League Baseball envisioned when it set all games for the final day of the regular season at 3 p.m. Eastern.

A tie between the four American League wildcard spots is possible thanks to Mitch Hanigers heroics for the Mariners just 15 hours before the game that will determine whether it matters.

After being down 4-3 in eighth inning due to Jared Walsh's three-run homer, Seattle defeated the Angels 6-4. Today, the Mariners are not able to reach the postseason for their first time since 2001.

If Seattle wins and either the Yankees nor Red Sox lose, the Mariners will receive a 163rd match of their regular season. This is the same scenario that the Mariners won the American League West in 1995.

The standings are clear: Boston and New York have 91 wins each, while Seattle and Toronto have 90.

If there is a tie between the Yankees and the Mariners, they can choose to travel to Boston or Toronto. The wild card game would be played between the Game 163s winners.


There are several options for a three way tie for two spots, one spot tied for three, and the second spot tied for two. If all four teams win, there will be only two teams competing for the two remaining spots. In that case, the disappointment of not being able to get a Game 163 at Fenway would be overtaken by Yankees-Red Sox.

Oh, yeah! If the Giants lose again and the Dodgers win again there's a tiebreaker for the NL West title with the loser going to a wild card game at home against Cardinals for a chance to face West winner in NLDS.


Here's another scenario you might consider as the bigger picture unfolds. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. hit a home run on Saturday that sparked the Blue Jays' rout of Baltimore. Is it possible to win the MVP from Shohei Ahtani if he reaches 50?

Car crashes!

You might like massive car crashes. Good news! Saturday was Talladega weekend in NASCAR.


The truck race began, with overtime following a crash. Things got really wild on the last lap.


Then there was the Xfinity Race, which ended in yellow after it had finished its Big One.


Cup Series will be more of the exact same because this track is.

Gambling Misadventures

I don't bet on sports. It's not a moral thing. Once it is legal in New York, and I have access to my phone, I will probably make a bet every now and again, because it's fun. It can also affect how you watch sports.


Yesterday, I chose Oregon to cover the Stanford spread of 7.5 points. I thought of Oregon as a possibility to cover the Stanford spread, which was 7.5 points. The Cardinal tied it on an untimed down that sent it to overtime.

The Ducks lost the game. Yesterday's misfires were Arkansas (+16.5, losing by 37) and UTSA (20-21), which won 24-17. Winners: Texas (-4), won by 5, Ohio State (-15), won by 39, and Penn State (12.5), won by 24.


This is my third consecutive.500 week. I would lose money due to the vigs. That's why I don't plan on betting on sports.

Week: 3-3

Season: 12-8