New 'SNL' comic James Austin Johnson kicks off Season 47 as Joe Biden

Saturday Night Live's Season 47 premiere televised a familiar face in familiar makeup to homes across America. James Austin Johnson joins the show's "featured actors" cast thanks to his viral Trump impressions. He made his debut as Joe Biden.
This sketch is a quick-fire barrage snarky attacks on the Democratic party, which has repeatedly failed to find compromise positions on legislation that would win elections. The Sens are the representatives of the centrist faction. Joe Manchin (Aidy Britt) and Kyrsten Sinema ("Cecily Strong") are the representatives of the centrist faction. House Reps. Ilhan Omar, (Ego Nwodim), and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (Melissa Villaseor), are there to represent the progressive wing.

Andrew Cuomo, a disgraced ex-governor of New York (Pete Davidson), and Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader (Alex Moffatt), are also there for a reason. Democrats are one and the same or something.

Johnson is the one everyone is watching. SNL has become a political show in the tribal atmosphere created by the Trump presidency. This makes its clutch impersonators crucial to the show. Johnson isn't as convincing as Jim Carrey, but he does look the part. Johnson's deft touch with Trump's vocal inflections, mannerisms, and vocal inflections is a winner in every small, right way. Johnson's first SNL appearance as Biden will not be his last.