Trip Report: Qatar Airways B787-9 New Business Class

Recently, I flew with Qatar Airways B787-9 in the new Business Class Suite between Doha and Istanbul.
Before my flight, I visited Al Safwa First Class Lounge Doha. I enjoyed a fascinating Tibetan massage in the spa, and then spent some time exploring the First Class Lounge.


First Look at the Qatar Airways B787-9

At the end of 2019, the Qatar Airways B787-9 joined our fleet. The 787-9 fleet was used during COVID as a passenger freighter "Preighter". They were fitted with a new Business Class, and rejoined the passenger fleet in June.

30 Business Class Suites are available in 1-2-1 configuration. This seat arrangement is called the "herringbone" design. The door panel in each Business Class suite is new.

Economy Class has a 3-3-3 seating configuration. Legroom is approximately 32-33 inches in height. There are 281 total seats in the two sections of B787-9.

Doha to Istanbul

A7-BHD was the airline that operated my flight. The flight time from London to Istanbul takes just 4 hours and has a 50% load factor.

2 layered side table design.

Business Class Suite includes a wireless charger for your phone. This is a great feature that eliminates messy cables.

Qatar Airways is known for its excellent dining options. A colorful starter of salmon and scallops was served to me. I chose a bland vegetarian risotto, but a delicious Arabic knafah dessert for my main course.

From the top, this is the new Business Class Suite.

As you can see, the wall panel is not very high compared to my head.

The New Business Class Suite Is Narrow for Me

I find the New Business Class Suite narrower than the QSuite on A350/B777. Because the dining table is directly on top of the footwell, it also makes for a limited amount of space.

I had no problems for a flight of 4 hours, but I would prefer the larger QSuite on a long-haul flight.

Qatar Airways appears to be using the B787-9 medium-haul routes like Doha to Europe or Kathmandu, but not Kuala Lumpur.

During our flight, the bar was not used.

Nice Landing Into Istanbul

Our flight arrived in Istanbul at 6:30 PM, which is the best hour of the day. After flying over Istanbul and Ataturk Airport, we landed on runway 35R at New Istanbul Int'l. You can watch the incredible landing in my YouTube video.

Final Verdict

Qatar Airways' new Business Class Suite 787-9 feels more like a junior version of their Q-Suite. The suite is narrower than QSuites on A350/B777 because the center seats are facing away from one another.


Consistency in service delivery

Wireless charger

Suite doors offer greater privacy


Seats with a narrower profile

If a pair of seats in the center is not facing each other, it can pose a problem for travelers who are traveling together.

In your full sleeping position you are very close to the ground. There was less space to turn because of the table at the footwell.