Bezos, Musk, and Branson race for space in the new 'SNL' Star Trek series, 'Ego Quest'

The most hilarious moment of Owen Wilson's Season 47 premiere on Saturday Night Live was his first appearance as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. The cowboy-hat-wearing billionaire, who is slouched on the captain's seat of Star Trek's very own Star Trek ship, said bro-ily to the camera, "Dude." Space is amazing.
The dumb toothy grin is yours.

SNL presented a new Star Trek series called "Star Trek: Ego Quest" in one of its standout sketches. It's about three billionaires who are scum. There's Richard Branson of Virgin (Alex Moffat), and Elon Musk (Mikey Days) who live in space. Yes, that is exactly what Bezos does in "a ship that looks a penis."

Luke Wilson, "Jeff Bezos"' brother, is also here. Although he doesn't do much, hey, there is another Wilson.