Steve Bannon predicts 'sweeping victory' for MAGA movement in next elections, tells NBC GOP 'shock troops' need to be prepared to take over

Steve Bannon stated that "shock troops" should always be available to take control of the state when the next GOP president is elected.
Donald Trump's former advisor predicted that MAGA politics would win a large victory in the next election.

Bannon stated that Donald Trump's agenda was being stalled by federal positions.

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According to reports, Steve Bannon stated that "shock troops," which are prepared to "deconstruct" and take control of the state if the next Republican president is elected.

After reports that Bannon had spoken to Trump's political appointees Wednesday night to discuss ways they could assist the next Republican president, Bannon made these comments via a telephone call to NBC News.

Bannon stated to NBC that shock troops are needed if you want to immediately take over the administrative government and deconstruct it. "I gave them fire and brimstone."

Bannon, who ran Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, and later served as an advisor to the president, said to NBC that he would like to see pre-trained staff ready to take over federal agencies when the next Republican president is elected.

Trump's agenda was delayed due to the difficulties of filling approximately 4,000 federal agency posts quickly, NBC reported.

Bannon stated to the outlet that he believes they will win a decisive victory in 2022.

MAGA refers to Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again". According to NBC, Bannon called a 2024 election victory a "second term for Trump."

According to NBC, the Association of Republican Presidential Appointees hosted Wednesday's launch party at Capitol Hill Club where Bannon spoke.

According to the outlet, it aims to provide a source for future GOP officials to access to quickly fill federal jobs.

According to a source at the event, approximately 200 former officials of various Republican administrations were present.

There are many statutes and regulations, as well as policies of agencies and departments. One of the organizers of this group, Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, said that it can be overwhelming the first time you come in.

"This organization has a very specific, clear, and important purpose. Once it is operational, I believe it could do a lot for the Republican Party and the country."