If Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Tom Brady sets NFL all-time passing record, New England Patriots will pause to acknowledge, won't stop game

According to a team official, if Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady sets an NFL all-time passing record against his former team and it takes only 68 yards, the New England Patriots will stop the game to celebrate it.
Expect the Patriots to briefly recognize Brady's achievement. However, what happens in Foxborough (Massachusetts) on Sunday night will be a stark contrast to the treatment Drew Brees received by the New Orleans Saints when he broke the record.

The Saints stopped play, Brees' family walked onto the field, David Baker, Pro Football Hall of Fame's, was there to pick up the football, and the whole stadium was celebrated.

Gillette Stadium may also celebrate Sunday night, but it will only be for a short time, as the game will continue uninterrupted after acknowledging Brady’s accomplishment.

Brady is currently at 80,291 yards passing, just behind Brees' record of 80,358.

However, Brady's pass record is not the only thing that will make this the most anticipated regular-season game ever in NFL history.

506 media credentials have been issued by the Patriots for the game, with 262 going to NBC. NBC is broadcasting the event. To put it in perspective, the Patriots issued total of 206 media credentials to the team for its season-opener against Miami Dolphins on September 12, with 70 going directly to CBS. The Patriots issued 215 credentials last week against the Saints (including 60 for broadcaster Fox).

Two dozen Patriots alumni will also be attending the game, including ex-teammates like Jarvis Green, Deion Branch and Joe Andruzzi.

There's a lot of anticipation around Tampa and the Buccaneers, just like there is in New England. One official from the Buccaneers stated this weekend, "Everyone is playing it off like another game but it's more than that."