GOP Sen. Susan Collins called the Texas abortion ban 'inhumane' and said she's working on a bipartisan bill to make Roe v. Wade the 'law of the land'

GOP Senator Susan Collins called Texas' abortion law "extremely inhumane" and "unconstitutional."
She stated that she was working with legislators from both parties on a bill to codify Roe v. Wade.

Collins stated that she did not support the House Democrats' abortion rights bill last week.

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According to The Associated Press, Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine stated Saturday that she was working on a bipartisan bill in order to codify Roe v. Wade.

Collins spoke at an event in Maine, while protestors from across the US marched in support of abortion rights. Protests took place a month after Texas passed a restrictive law banning all abortions after six weeks. There are no exceptions for rape and incest.

According to AP, Collins called the law "extremely inhumane" and "unconstitutional." Collins also stated that she was working with two Democrats, one Republican in Congress to draft a bill that would declare Roe v. Wade "law of the country."

Collins didn't say who she was working with, but said that the bill would soon be introduced.

Advocates for abortion rights criticized the moderate lawmaker last week for not supporting a bill that was passed by Democrats in Congress on September 24. It is unlikely that the bill will become law because it would require 10 Republican votes in a 50-50 split Senate.

Collins stated that she will not support the bill as it is too extreme.

"I support codifying Roe. The bill goes far beyond this. According to Collins, the bill would "severely weaken the conscious exemptions that are in current law," Collins stated.