Brutal beatings leave two people dead and a third near death, Polk County Sheriff says

According to Sheriff Grady Judd, three people were brutally beat in Polk County. Two of them died. It is not likely that the third victim will survive.
Judd stated that Shaun Runyon (39), was arrested by sheriff deputies for the murders following a two-hour manhunt.

Judd described the sequence of events at a Davenport news briefing, which was held in a nearby community to Haines City.

Runyon was employed by J & B Electric, Inc., a Pennsylvania-based electric company. Runyon had previously worked for Publix Supermarkets, Davenport. Coworkers and Runyon lived in Davenport, which was paid for by the company.

Judd stated that Runyan became angry with his supervisor on Friday at 2 a.m. and punched him. Runyan fled from his job and was never seen again.

The Polk County Sheriffs office was contacted about a murder at 9:44 am Saturday.

Judd said that Runyon entered a Davenport home where his supervisor and coworkers lived. Judd stated that Runyan entered a Davenport residence with a knife and a baseball bat.

Judd stated that Runyan killed one victim while he was sleeping. Judd said Runyan had beaten another victim to death while he slept. He was taken to a local hospital, but is unlikely to survive.

A third victim was found dead by Sheriff's Deputies on the front porch. The baseball bat also struck a fourth victim in the back and shoulder. A second man, his wife, and a 7-year-old girl managed to escape.

The sheriff stated that Runyon knew each victim.

The trail was described by Runyon as a blood trail that the deputies followed until it ended.

Judd stated that Runyan arrived at a Lake Wales home covered in blood just before noon Saturday. He claimed he had been raped. According to the sheriff, Runyon chose the home at random and did not know why he fled to Lake Wales.

Runyan was told by the people present to go to the hospital. He was uninjured when Lake Wales police officers rushed to his aid.

According to the sheriff, Runyans motives for the violent crimes remain unclear. The Polk County Sheriffs department didn't release the names or ages of the victims.

It is not clear where Runyan is located. He has a Pennsylvania criminal record, according to the sheriff. The sheriff stated that his last arrest was for a violent crime involving strangulation.

The sheriff's office later released Runyons criminal record, which included state charges for child endangerment and terroristic threats, recklessly endingangering, strangulation, and driving under influence.