Steve Bannon Calls For 'Shock Troops' To 'Deconstruct' State As GOP Takes Oval Office

Donald Trump's ex-White House strategist Steve Bannon called Saturday for shock troops to deconstruct the state quickly as soon as a Republican wins the Oval Office.
After NBC News reported that Bannon had spoken to party faithful Wednesday to ask them to prepare for a reconfiguration of the government with a Republican leader, Bannon made the chilling comments during a telephone interview.

Bannon stated to NBC that shock troops are necessary if you want to take control of the administrative state and dismantle it. I gave them fire and brimstone.

Trumps 2016 campaign manager, Bannon, claimed that Trump's former president's plan to pack the government with loyalists was delayed due to his inability to move fast enough for him fill the 4,000 vacant posts.

According to NBC, Bannon spoke Wednesday at Capitol Hill Club at the invitation of a new group called the Association of Republican Presidential Appointees. This group was created to provide a source for future GOP officials to access to quickly fill federal positions.

NBC's Bannon stated that he would like to see federal agencies with pre-trained staff when the next Republican president is elected.

We will win in 2022 and 2024. That's the preamble to an even bigger victory in 2024. This time we will be prepared and have a MAGA perspective. MAGA policies and not standard Republican policies. He was referring to Trumps Make America Great Again slogan.

Bannon was among four Trump associates who were subpoenaed this week to appear before a House Select Committee that was investigating the Jan. 6 rebellion. According to investigators, Bannon encouraged Trump to put his efforts into regaining control of the White House over the Jan. 6 insurrection. On his War Room broadcast, he assured his listeners that all hell would break out on that fateful day.

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Last week, Bannon confessed on his podcast that he had told Trump before the insurrection: "You need to kill [Biden]'s administration in its crib." Laurence Tribe, a Harvard constitutional law expert, wondered why the Department of Justice didn't convene a grand jury to examine sedition charges against Bannon.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to imagine how DOJ could sit on such a revelation without convening an inquiry into seditious conspiracies leading to insurrection, letting all the chips fall where they may. . . Laurence Tribe (@tribelaw) September 23, 2021

The committee also subpoenaed Mark Meadows, the former chief of staff to Trump and Dan Scavino, and Kash Patel, a former defense department official and House Intelligence Committee aide.

Trump pardoned Bannon early this year. He was indicted for allegedly taking funds from Trump supporters. The indictment came after a year-old indictment in which he was accused of stealing money from a charity he controlled. This charity purportedly raised money to build Trump's southern border wall.

Check out the video clip above for more information about the subpoena issued against Bannon and other Trump associates. Section on Bannon starts at 8:20.

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