Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool manager says vaccine is 'not a limit on freedom'

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Jurgen Klopp claims that 99% of Liverpool's players have been vaccinated

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool manager, says he doesn't understand why people reject the coronavirus vaccine.

Concerns have been raised about the Premier League's vaccination rate. Less than half of the players have vaccinated at all clubs.

Klopp claims that "99%" of his players are vaccinated, and he hasn't had to convince anyone.

According to the German, he was jabbed to defend himself and "all the people around him".

He said, "I don’t understand why it is a restriction of freedom." "Because it's a limitation of freedom, then being able to drive and drink is also a limitation of freedom - but that is what we accept.

"I received the vaccine because I was worried about my health, but also for the safety of everyone around me.

It is my fault if I suffer and get it. It's my fault if I get it and spread it to others.

The Premier League has revealed that it is looking into whether to reward clubs with high coronavirus vaccination rates.

Premier League sent an email last week to top-flight clubs. They stated: "Only seven clubs have more than half of their squads fully vaccinated. So we still have a long way to go."

Premier League players will now be allowed to travel with their country's red-list countries to participate in the World Cup qualifiers. However, they must be fully vaccinated.

Klopp stated, "I believe we can say that we have 99% vaccinated." Klopp said, "I didn’t have to convince players. It was more natural for the team.

"I don't recall ever talking to a player or convincing him why he should, because I'm not an ophthalmologist."

"What I would say, as in many other situations, is my advice, but it wasn't necessary."