An Alaska man was killed during his vacation after a piece of metal fell off a truck and crashed into his windshield on a highway

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A piece of metal smashed into his windshield and caused the death of an Alaskan man.

Thomas Arrington (69) was on vacation in Massachusetts at the time of the incident.

According to police, the passenger sustained only minor injuries.

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Mass Live reported that an Alaskan man was killed when a tool from a dumptruck crashed into his windshield as he drove on Friday morning.

According to Massachusetts State Police, the man was identified as Thomas Arrington, a 69-year old Alaskan citizen. He was driving on Interstate 95 in Massachusetts, when he was struck by a concrete screed that fell from the truck. It "pierced his windshield," injuring him.

Police released a statement saying that Arrington, who was severely injured, was able to stop Arrington's vehicle in the third lane and succumb to his injuries. "First responders declared him dead at the scene."

October 1, 2021 - Mass State Police (@MassStatePolice).

Minor injuries were sustained by a 68-year old woman who was sitting in the passenger seat at the time of the accident. According to police, she was taken to hospital and later released.

Massachusetts State Police stated that Arrington arrived in Massachusetts earlier in the day to take vacation.

Authorities are cooperating with the driver of the truck, who was identified as a 21 year-old man. Police said that the incident is currently under investigation and will determine whether charges should be filed.

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