Making Venom 2's Post-Credits Scene Happen Was Harder Than You'd Think

Venom: Let There Be Carnage features a scene in the middle of the credits. It's a big deal. This sequel to 2018's unexpected superhero hit, starring Tom Hardy & Tom Hardy, does a great job with its sequel bait. It is both kind of surprising, yet not completely unpredicted. Naturally, it was more difficult than necessary to get there for any cinematic or related to Marvel film. You probably already know what it is. But just in case...


Eddie and Venom take a break after defeating Carnage (Woody Harrelson). Eddie is watching a Spanish soap opera from a hotel while Venom asks Eddie if he has any secrets. Venom casually says that he is a symbiote and has collective hive mind knowledge that spans thousands and...realities. Eddie couldn't handle it. Venom realizes that this is not something you can just say, but he decides to show Eddie. Before that can happen, however, everything changes around them and they find themselves in a totally different hotel room. They watch on the TV as J. Jonah Jameson reveals Spider-Man's identity as Peter Parker during the final seconds of Spider-Man Far From Home. Venom then curiously growls, That man... and licks Peters face off the TV. (Gross.

So Venom is now part of the MCU and has his sights set on Peter. Andy Serkis, the director of the movie, revealed that the status of the wall-crawlers in the film was all over the place even before he signed up. There were times when Spider-Man could have been in the story. But then he was not. It couldn't have been more fluid if you tried. He laughed.

Serkis knew that a meeting between Peter and Eddie was inevitable, and he's stated in the past that it is something you should continue to build upon over time. Although he was determined to explore the Venomverse as much as possible, he couldn't keep his feet on the ground forever. As they were filming the film, the process of adding that connection between the characters began. He said, "The inevitable discussions had had to take place, but it was not until very, very late that we came up with the exact idea of the teaser we wanted."

This could mean that Venom will randomly jump Peter in Spider-Man : No Way Home this December. Although Serkis doesn't claim it, it does make it easier for Venom to meet Spidey when their schedules permit. We hope that heads are not damaged.

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