Florida man sues Twitter in a desperate bid to post again

He has his kids on his lawn and should tweet about it.
According to The Verge, Donald Trump, a former president and Florida resident is suing Twitter to try and get his account back. The Southern District of Florida filed the lawsuit Friday to allow the former president and Florida resident Donald Trump temporary access to his account. He continues his larger fundraising efforts disguised as a legal slap on tech giants such as Facebook and Twitter.

In January 2021, Trump was removed from Twitter permanently following the attack on the U.S. Capitol Building by pro-Trump extremists. Facebook, however, has not made Trump's exclusion from its service permanent.

The lawsuit claims that "[Twitter] is trying to censor Plaintiff, a former President the United States."

We reached out to Twitter for comment, but we did not receive an immediate response.

"[Twitter’s] censorship of Plaintiff's speech and prior restraint violates the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. It also violates Florida's newly passed Stop Social Media Censorship Act (‘SSMCA continues to the suit.

The SSMCA was signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in May. However, a judge in June prevented it from becoming effective.

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Yes. The latest lawsuit against Twitter, like many other Trump actions, seems more pompous than substantive.