NBCUniversal and YouTubeTV reach agreement to avoid dropped channels

YouTube TV and NBCUniversal have announced a short extension to YouTube TV on Thursday, allowing more than a dozen channels to remain on the live TV service. YouTube TV and NBCUniversal now say they have reached a deal that will allow NBC-owned channels to stay on YouTube TV.
According to a Saturday update on YouTubes blog, we are thrilled to announce that we have reached a deal to carry the entire NBCUniversal channel portfolio. YouTube TV will continue to offer 85+ networks at $64.99, so you won't have to lose access to any of their channels. We are grateful for NBCUniversals willingness and ability to reach an agreement. We also appreciate your patience while we negotiated on your behalf.

YouTube TV users will continue to have access to more than a dozen channels, even though it appeared that the channels might be dropped. The deal was reached just days before the channel drop.





Golf Channel





The Olympic Channel

Universal Kids


USA Network

Regional sports networks are also available:

NBC Sports Bay Area

NBC Sports Boston

NBC Sports California

NBC Sports Chicago

NBC Sports Philadelphia

NBC Sports Washington


YouTube TV stated that if the channel were lost, it would lower its prices by $10 per monthly. YouTube TV users can still find their TVs within the app and will not need to subscribe to any other service to receive coverage from NBC-owned channels.