A former student was arrested after firing a rifle through the locked door of a Texas school, shooting the principal

After a shooting at YES Prep Southwest Secondary school in Houston, people walk down the street. AP Photo/David J. Phillip
ABC 13 reported that a man was arrested by police after he shot his ex-principal at his school.

The shooting took place at YES Prep Southwest Secondary, Houston, Texas.

The principal sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

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Police say that a former student was charged with shooting at the principal of a Houston school.

On Friday morning, the shooting took place at 11:45 a.m. at YES Prep Southwest Secondary. According to ABC 13, Chief Troy Finner, Houston Police Department, the suspect was armed with a rifle and shot through a locked door to gain entry.

According to KHOU, police said that Eric Espinoza was the victim of a shooting incident at his school principal.

The school released a statement Friday saying that Espinoza was taken by ambulance to the local hospital after he was hit with a bullet from behind. On Friday, he was released.

Mark DiBella (CEO, YES Prep Public Schools) stated in the statement that it was an incredibly scary day. He also said that he was grateful for no life-threatening injuries.

According to the statement, "School administrators, students, and staff immediately responded to the threat by going into lockdown as rehearsed during practice drills and the suspect surrendered his gun as soon as the police arrived."

Finner stated that the suspect surrendered to police without incident. The suspect was not identified by police, but relatives later confirmed that Dexter Kelsey (25 years old) was the shooter, according to KPRC-TV.

Kelsey's mother Doris told KPRC-TV that she had no idea Dexter was in such a state. "I have since apologized to the school community." "I didn’t know that Dexter was having the issues he was experiencing and I am sorry to everyone and I hope they accept our apology."

Fortunately, no students were hurt in the incident. According to reports, the school cancelled classes Monday through Wednesday next weeks.

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