A drone sailed into the heart of a powerful hurricane and came back with intense footage

Storm scientists sent a rugged seafaring drone into September's heart of Hurricane Sam.
The first ever footage was captured by an uncrewed robot, a 23-foot-long Saildrone that was deep within a tropical storm. The Saildrone recorded waves of 50 feet and winds exceeding 120 mph.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration mission aims to increase scientists' understanding of hurricanes and how they rapidly intensify into devastating storms with deadly winds and flooding. The Saildrone monitors the conditions at the sea surface that cause these intensification events.

Mashable, June, Gregory Foltz, an NOAA oceanographer, said, "Well, learn a lot."

Storm scientists predict that hurricane intensity will increase as the climate warms. They are currently studying how an ocean that is constantly warming will affect hurricane intensity.