Man who was often seen reading the Bible in a Texas town lured 3 people to his motel room and 'sacrificed' them, say police

Jason Alan Thornburg invited the victims to his room at the Mid City Inn, Euless, Texas. Google Maps
Jason Alan Thornburg was charged with three murders.

They were allegedly invited to his Texas motel room, where he then dismembered them.

Thornburg confessed to two murders and told police that the killings were "sacrifices".

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According to The Washington Post, a Euless man who was often seen reading from the Bible was arrested Monday night in connection to the deaths of three people. Their dismembered bodies had been found in a dumpster.

Jason Alan Thornburg (41), who was known for talking about God and expressed a desire help people, was charged with the murders of three people - a man aged 42 and two women unnamed - and allegedly admitted past murders to two other people, NBC DFW reported.

The Washington Post has seen an affidavit that Thornburg invited David Lueras to his room in the Mid City Inn motel on September 17. Thornburg claimed to investigators that he believed Leuras should "sacrifice" and that he proceeded with cutting his throat, dismembering his body and placing his remains in plastic storage containers.

Court documents state that Thornburg decided two days later that a female friend who was staying in his motel room needed to be killed. According to court documents, Thornburg once more cut the throat of his victim and dismembered her body.

The affidavit states that Thornburg continued to plot his murder for two more days. According to The Washington Post, he strangled a female visitor who tried to stab him initially. He also dismembered his body.

According to police, Thornburg took the remains to Fort Worth's outskirts and set them ablaze.

Lueras was identified through his tattoos. The two other victims were also identified, but they are not publically named.

According to the affidavit Thornburg confessed to the murders during a police interview. He also called them "sacrifices"

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According to the affidavit, he also confessed that he had killed his ex-girlfriend in Arizona as well as sacrificing his roommate May.

NBC DFW reported that investigators claimed that Thornburg was a person of concern in the death his 61-year old roommate. However, officials did not have probable cause for him to be arrested. According to Fort Worth police, charges will be filed in the case of this murder immediately.

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