Seven baby squirrels got their tails in a knot. Then Michigan cops stepped in to help

These baby squirrels were literally in a jam.
According to the Grand Blanc Township Police Department, seven squirrels were found with their tails tied together at the base of a tree in Michigan. Officers learned about the situation and went to help.

Police posted Friday's Facebook post indicating that they were entangled in the nest, and eventually the nest could no longer hold them.

Police said that the officers and residents untangled the mess while the mother squirrel watched.

Police said that although their tails may take a while to fill in, they are still safe.

This is not the first time that young squirrels have had their tails tied.

McClatchy News reported that six squirrel kits were tied together in Nebraska in 2018. A wildlife rehabilitation organization spent over an hour untangling them, while they were still anesthetized.

McClatchy News reported that five squirrels' tails were tied with plastic strips, long grass and other man-made materials in Wisconsin in the same year.

Hence, we are left wondering: Why does this continue?

According to Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control (a company that has locations across the U.S., Canada), squirrels can stick their tails together after months of being in their nest.

According to Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, the material used to build the nest can often become entangled with tails, causing them to merge together. As more material is added to the fusion, the fur becomes matted and becomes more complex. This can lead to squirrels being trapped together.

Grand Blanc Township is 11 miles from Flint, Michigan.

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