Kamala Harris' office is reportedly doing damage control following Israel-Palestine exchange with college student

After an exchange with a student about Israel, Kamala Harris's office reached out to pro Israel groups.
CNN reports that several organizations reached out the White House in the aftermath of the incident.

The student accused Israel of "ethnic genocide" did not accuse the vice president.

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Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States, is said to be making amends for failing to respond to a student from college who claimed that Israel had committed "ethnic genocide" earlier in the week.

According to Politico, Harris' senior staff reached out on Thursday to Democratic Majority for Israel to strengthen relations with the pro Israel organization.

"We were delighted that Vice President Harris's senior staff reached back to us today in order to confirm what we knew: Her commitment towards Israel's security'," Mark Mellman (president of the group) told the outlet.

CNN reports that the vice president's team was led by Phil Gordon, her deputy national security advisor, and Herbie Ziskend her deputy communications director. They reached out to leading Jewish organizations after their leaders contacted White House.

The outlet reported that Harris spoke to students in a George Mason University political science class on Wednesday about the importance of demonstrations. The vice president then answered questions from three students.

A student questions the vice president about US funding of Israel. He tells Harris that the continuing financial support "hurts me because it's an ethno genocide, displacement of people."

"And I feel like they're not listening to me, and I just feel that it affects my life ...,"," the student said.

Harris replied to the student by saying that she was glad that the student brought up the topic.

Harris stated, "And again, it is about the fact your voice, perspective, and experience cannot be suppressed. It must be heard." Harris stated that unity should be our goal, not uniformity.

"We have still healthy discussions in our country about the right path. She said that nobody should be silenced about this.

The exchange was quickly covered by Israeli media outlets and right-wing channels, suggesting that the vice president agreed with the student's description of Israel.

CNN reports that Harris' team reached at least three organizations through Harris' team, including the Democratic Majority for Israel and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

This incident occurs as the Democratic party faces a reckoning about US relations with Israel. Progressive activists are urging Democrats to abandon their long-standing support for Israel in favor of a more critical perspective.

Mellman, of Democratic Majority Israel, was quick to get past the gaffe and tell Politico that he "strongly disagrees" with the George Mason student's description of Israel.

He said that the Biden-Harris Administration, President Biden, and Vice President Harris, had exemplary pro-Israel records, which he was extremely grateful for.

Insider reached out to the White House but they did not immediately reply.