Honestly, I don't love this new iMessage feature in iOS 15

It takes some time to get used to a new iOS version. How do I adjust to the new iOS version?
Those who have installed iOS 15 may have noticed a new feature in iMessage. A download icon is displayed in the chat stream next to any media that someone has sent. It is a small square with a downward-pointing arrow running through it. You can click the button to save the image to your Photo stream. Apple transforms the icon into a Checkmark.

My sister shared a photo of her dog with me, but I am distracted by the ugly icon next to it. Credit: screenshot: rachel kraus / mashable

To save an image that someone had previously sent to you, click on it to expand, then click on the square with the upward-pointing arrow icon and scroll down to the "Save photo" option.

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It was not an intuitive process and it took some time. It might have been difficult for some users to understand. The new design and placement of this method is not something I like. It's awkward, makes the tech visible too much, and is frankly just kind of ugly, something you don't expect from Apple.

Apple appears to have made iMessage visually appealing. It allows you to select an icon to represent a group name and responds to messages with "heart!" and "! If you do not select a picture as a contact, it will represent them through their photos or their initials.

It also changed the way iOS 15 sends photos and videos. It stacks multiple images together if you send more than one image in a single message. You can click to zoom in and it looks more like a stack of photos. This solves the problem with too many photos cluttering up your feed.

Photo stacks look great and take up less space, but they are visually appealing! The download icon is a problem. Credit: screenshot: rachel kraus / mashable

The download icon is located in the middle of lots of empty space and right next to the "stacks". I was drawn to it by its electric blue color and my dark background.

What I disagree with is the fact that it places something that is simply about utility in between everything. Although it is very minor, I find it annoying. It has distracted me from the content and has made me pause in conversations.

The new location of the feature will prove useful to those who only need to quickly download images. It has some issues, even though it is a utility feature. It downloads every image in the stack, which can be frustrating if you are just trying to download one. A tapback on a photo stack overlays itself onto the download icon. This is similar to a UX traffic jam.

Beep beep. Credit: screenshot: rachel kraus / mashable

Apple clearly wanted to make it easier and more intuitive for users to download photos from iMessage. It did this without the usual thoughtfulness or style. It will be something we all get used too. I'm not mad, but disappointed.

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