Sony is offering free trials of Death Stranding and Sackboy in the UK

Sony may be reintroducing an older concept for two of its Playstation 5 game trial games. Sony will let you play Death Stranding: Directors Cut on your PS5 for six hours or five hours, depending on where you are located in the UK.
Sony's latest offer was first discovered by PlayStation owners via email. Have you ever wanted to play some of the most loved games from PlayStation Studios before buying the complete game? The email says you can now, and it is possible. Sony states that the games can be redeemed on the PlayStation Store up to October 28th at 11 :59 PM. The trial begins as soon as the Download Trial option is selected on the console or Add To Library on the internet. The Verge reached out to Sony to get more information. However, if you are in the UK, the Death Stranding trial as well as the Sackboy trial seem to be available.

Ten years ago, a free demo of a blockbuster game would have been quite common. But, in the past decade, it seems that the rise of free-to play systems, public betas and a strong Lets Play community has led to the partial extermination of the free trial. PC Gamer is trying to explain why this has changed. It seems that Sony is now starting to experiment with its first-party titles. We hope so. This will soon expand to include more games and more areas.