Classic Sci-Fi Anime Dirty Pair Is Coming to Blu-ray, With Your Help

Although it has been available on multiple streaming platforms and been in the U.S. before, Sunrises hilarious, action-adventure anime adaptation Dirty Pair is not yet available with an English dub. With the help of the fans, licensing restrictions may be lifted.


Nozomi Entertainment, Right Stuf Anime and Haruka Takachiho's light novel series have announced a Kickstarter campaign to bring Dirty Pair to Blu-ray in America for the first time. Kickstarter is not just for this purpose. The majority of the funds raised will be used to license Dirty Pair's first English-language dub. Although crowdfunding is not a new way to release English-language anime, it's becoming increasingly popular.

It has become extremely difficult to license anime and the costs involved in production has made it more risky, particularly for niche and deep-catalog titles. These shows are loved by many, but there is a different market, Nozomi explains in explaining why crowdfunding was chosen for Dirty Pair. Fans are more focused on simulcasts and newer programs. This makes it more difficult to invest in older shows and programs that have specific audiences.

Dirty Pair is well worth the investment. The series is set in the 22nd Century and follows two bounty hunters (dubbed Trouble consultants) who are known as the Lovely Angelshothead Kei or the elegant Yurias. They are hired to hunt down fugitives. The series reveals how the pair earned their common nickname Dirty Pair. Their missions end in near disaster and leave them with tons of ridiculously exaggerated collateral damages. It's funny, bizarre, and full of banter. The series is a joy to view. Fans have enjoyed the series in Japanese for years. However, the HD version will be available alongside subtitles. This will allow Dirty Pair to reach a wider audience with a new dub.

Nozomi Entertainments Kickstarter will run until Sunday, October 31st. It needs $275,000 in order to succeed. The campaign is expected to be completed by August 2022 if it goes through. You can find more information on the HD remastering and details about additional add-ons such as B lu-rays for Dirty Pair OVAs. If you're interested in learning more about the show, it has also been streaming sub-titled on Retrocrush in Canada and the U.S. today.

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