Professor sues UCLA for suspension after allegedly not grading black students more leniently

According to a University of California Los Angeles professor, he sued the school system for suspending his license after he was accused of not giving black students a more liberal grade in the wake of George Floyd's murder.
Gordon Klein, the professor who wrote the suit, stated in an op-ed that he was recently suspended from his job because he refused to treat black students less than their non-black peers.

According to Klein, Floyd died eight days after he was arrested in Minneapolis for the May 2020 murder of a former police officer. A white student emailed Klein to request a "no harm final" for black students, given the racially charged "unjust killings of Ahmaud Archery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd."


According to the email, "It's not a joint effort for finals to be canceled for nonblack students but rather an ask that we exercise compassion and leniency towards black students in our major."

Klein replied to the "patronizing email" of a student and asked why black students should be treated differently.

"Are there any students who may be of mixed parentage such as half-Asian, half-black? What should I do? Do you suggest a full concession? Or just half? Do you know of any Minneapolis students? He wrote back. He replied, "I presume that they are also likely to be devastated." This makes me think that a white student might be more affected by this, even though some might believe they are racist.

His response was called racist by students who created a petition with over 20,000 signatures calling for his termination.

"I was called a racist white man." Klein said. Klein said.

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The professor stated that he was threatened with death and made disparaging remarks about his Jewish heritage.

One email said, "You are a typical racist, bigoted, prejudiced, dirty, filthy and arrogant Jew. Too bad Hitler or the Nazis aren't around to give you a Zyklon B Shower."

Antonio Bernardo, Dean of UCLA Anderson School of Management, suspended Klein without any deliberation and banned Klein from campus.

He stated that "He thought that a well-timed publicity campaign might distract attention from the school’s reputation as an inhospitable institution for persons of colour, to mention nothing of its plummeting rankings on U.S. News and World Report and Bloomberg Businessweek."

Klein stated that 76,000 people signed petitions to have Klein return after his story broke.

He said, "I was reinstated less than three weeks after the whole thing collapsed." "But this is not the end of the story."

According to his opinion, the professor claimed he returned after three week, but he also stated that he had suffered financial loss, emotional distress, trauma and other physical ailments.

Klein stated, "I just filed a lawsuit to the University of California system." "No employee should ever fear his employer's ability to silence legitimate points, and no society should accept government-sponsored autocrats violating constitutional mandates."


The Washington Examiner reached UCLA for comment, but didn't receive an immediate reply.

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