Trick: Flying Star Alliance Premium Class with LifeMiles

Let me share one of my tricks for flying premium classes on Star Alliance carriers for a fraction of the cost.
LifeMiles is my preferred method of redeeming on ANA, Lufthansa, and other Star Alliance Premium Class flights.

What if you don’t have any miles? It's no problem! LifeMiles can be purchased and is much cheaper than other mileage programs. LifeMiles is a very useful frequent flyer program. It offers great redemption rates and sells miles with bonus points.

Real Flights with LifeMiles

Buy miles and redeem on tickets cost at least 50 to 80% less than a normal one-way fare. All you need is to ensure that the seat is available for redemption.

These are just a few examples of how LifeMiles can be used to fly Premium Class at a reduced price. This allows you to purchase miles as low as 1.375c each.

Flying ANA First Class between Tokyo and Los Angeles would cost 90,000. Lifemiles. The cost of the flight is $1,237.50 (90k x 0.01375 cost per miles).

Flying ANA Businesss Class between Tokyo and Los Angeles would cost $64,000 Lifemiles (64k x 0.01375 cost per miles).

Flying Lufthansa First Class Frankfurt to Chicago would cost 87,000 Lifemiles. That's $1,196 (87k x 0.01375 cost per Mile).

Flying Lufthansa Business Class to Chicago from Frankfurt would cost you 63,000 Lifemiles (63k x 0.01375 cost per Mile).

Flying SWISS Business Class to LA from Zurich would cost $666 (63k x 0.01375 cost per Mile).

Mixed classes are also available. You can fly from Chicago to Dubai by Lufthansa, for example.

Chicago to Frankfurt in First Class in B747-8 First Class and then Frankfurt to Dubai Business Class in Business Class. If you purchase LifeMiles in the current bonus promotion, this will cost you 93,930 LifeMiles. This equates to approximately $1,290.

This is exactly what I did last July, flying from LA to Dubai via Frankfurt. The Lufthansa B747-8 First Class was an incredible value for the money.

LifeMiles allows you to combine classes for a lower overall cost if you are more concerned about price. Dubai to New York would be cheaper if you combined Frankfurt to New York in Business with Dubai to Frankfurt in Economy. This is a total of 51,030 LifeMiles, or $701. (51,030 * 0.01375 miles).

LifeMiles' uniqueness is its ability to mix and match and one-way redemptions that are not allowed by other airline programs.

LifeMiles Star Alliance Award Sale

LifeMiles is currently running a sale for award redemptions. Members can save up to 15% on select redemptions.

The promotion is valid only for redemptions up to 11 October 2021. However, you can still plan future travel dates.

These are the Star Alliance business class award discounts we saw with this deal (in every case, discounts are available in both directions of travel).

Tokyo Haneda to Los Angeles - 60,000 LifeMiles

Tokyo Narita to New York 64,000 LifeMiles

Seoul Incheon to Los Angeles 64,000 LifeMiles

Taipei to Vancouver 64,000 LifeMiles

LifeMiles comes with a 140% bonus

LifeMiles Bonus Sale

LifeMiles currently offers a 140% bonus for purchased miles. This is a fantastic deal. You can purchase miles as low as 1.375c each.

You will receive 42,000 bonus miles for purchasing 30,000 LifeMiles The total cost of 72,000 LifeMiles will be $990.

You will receive 70,000 bonus miles for purchasing 50,000 LifeMiles. The total cost of 120,000 LifeMiles will be $1,650

Although I will be able to purchase miles via this link, LifeMiles offers a slightly lower price if you buy the miles through One Mile at a Time.

My Recommendation

LifeMiles are a great way to save money on intercontinental travel. This is especially true now that the U.S. border will reopen in November, and there will be more competition to get award seats. You can save significant money by traveling in Premium Class. LifeMiles' uniqueness is its ability to mix and match and allow you to redeem one-way, which many airline programs don't allow or charge more that 50% round-trip.

I would recommend that you check flight availability and buy points immediately.