Best drawing tablets 2021

Android Central 2021: Best Drawing Tablets
The best drawing tablets combine fluidity and flexibility of freehand drawing with digital graphics. To make drawing as easy as possible, you need a tablet that has the right pressure sensitivity, multitouch display, screen size and low latency. We have chosen the best-reviewed and most popular models for both specialized drawing tablets as well as tablets that can support all types of drawing apps.

These great drawing tablets will allow you to draw all day.

The best drawing tablet for you will be different for each person. It all depends on how serious you are as an artist and your budget.

Wacom is the trusted brand for a tablet that can be used for professional or personal art. The Wacom One is easy to use and intuitive, making it ideal for intermediate and advanced graphic artists. The stylus does not need to be charged so there are no unexpected delays for inspiration. Additionally, the display's 13.3 inch screen will feel like a paper canvas. Professionals will prefer the Wacom Cintiq, which has a larger 22-inch screen, better pen tech, and a wider range of colors. Register either tablet to get free trial access to some of the most popular drawing apps.

We recommend one of the top Android tablets if you are looking to express your artistic talents but aren’t sure if you need a tablet for that purpose. These tablets have stunning displays, precise styluses and the processing power to run high-end graphic design applications. They can also be used casually. The versatility and power of the Tab range is evident in our Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Review. We recommend the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus because it gives you an additional 1.4 inch of screen space to draw on.

Some artists prefer to have an accessory for their existing devices rather than buying a new one. The XP-Pen IPS drawing monitor can be used to connect to a Mac or PC. It has great pen pressure sensitivity, and your drawings will be transmitted to the computer. You can also pair the XPPEN Star G640 with a phone or computer, or use the One By Wacom with a Chromebook.