Pep Guardiola: Manchester City boss says Liverpool rival Jurgen Klopp has made him a 'better manager'

Klopp helped me "be a better manger" - Guardiola
Pep Guardiola, Manchester City manager, says that his rivalry against Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool has made him a "better manger".

City is one point behind Premier League leader Liverpool. The teams will meet at Anfield on Sunday (16.30 BST).

In the four previous years, City has only missed the title once: when the Reds won it for 2019-20.

Guardiola stated, "Since my arrival here - perhaps not the first year- - Liverpool have always been there."

The Spaniard took over City in summer 2016 and also faced Klopp who was Reds manager in October 2015. Klopp was Bayern Munich manager at the time, while Klopp was Borussia Dortmund manager.

Guardiola lost eight games against Klopp in all competitions, more than any other manager.

Guardiola said that Jurgen Klopp's teams have helped him to become a better manager. Guardiola's side will face Liverpool in the match after beating Chelsea in league and Paris St-Germain in Champions League group games.

"He placed me at another level to think about it, and to prove that I was a better manager. This is why I'm still in the business.

"The past four years, every day, we were both there. It is a huge compliment that both clubs were there.

"But the Premier League does not have just one or two teams, there are many that can compete for the league.

Liverpool lost 4-1 at Anfield in February's league match. Klopp knows that his team will need to perform well against City.

"This is an extremely special game each year. He said that you must be your best, because only then will you have a chance.

To have any chance, we must play a real football match. Anfield is the place. It's something we are looking forward to.

"They [City] might be the best team in Europe right now. They played Chelsea last weekend and everyone was talking about Chelsea's superiority, which is true, but City were clearly more impressive that day.

"We must win the game and score goals, but we also have to defend at the highest level in order to keep the game alive and ensure that the goals we score are the difference."


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